"Demon Cleaner" by Kyuss

I’ve got the demons in me
I’ve got to flush them all away
I feel the demons rage
I must clean them all away

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Mongo as fuck.

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due to the popularity of my blog i was sent a leaked photo of the iphone 6

Seems legit


due to the popularity of my blog i was sent a leaked photo of the iphone 6

Seems legit

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I guess that settles that argument

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Jupiter structural layer cake


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Shogun Assassin, variant colourway - 18’ x 36’, 5 colour screen print

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Behind the scenes of the stormtrooper droid search in Tunisia with George Lucas, six stormtroopers and a very large dewback.

This sequence wasn’t very long as anyone will remember. Probably less than a couple of minutes.

But it takes a long time to even get a couple of panning shots and one stormtrooper popping up into frame to say “look sir, droids!”

The dude in the back, holding the reins. I like to think he had his bucket hat on and cigarette in mouth under the helmet, too.

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  • Question: Real talk, fuck the round shield. The oldschool knight's/highway shaped sign is in plan. I definitely wanted to stick to something reminiscent of 1940's designs - retrohead
  • Answer:

    100%. It more properly reflects the culture of the time, and it’s super classy. The round shield is too “1990s callback to the 1940s” to me, even though it’s older than that. It just feels like a different generation calling back to that one and messing it up, of that makes sense.

    I’m glad you’re approaching Cap in a realistic “how it would be of he really existed” kind of way.



A welder works on cowls for liberty ships in California, 1942.Photograph by Acme News Pictures, Inc.

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My video card was unhappy in a session of world of tanks. It looked pretty cool, though!

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On my way home, I decided to check out one of my favorite places. So much possibility!
Foster Park Bowl, Foster Park CA.


"Dreamt I went through an occult mystical Los Angeles"

- Passed by a Temple of Venus; a large Art Deco Pantheon whose gods turned their backs away from traffic; a Tomb of an Ancient God. There was a high Italian tower, like the Torre Guigini.
I ended up being driven to an Altar of a Doña, who tried to prevent my entry. I managed in (with light desecration); and, when I tried to light a candle it wouldn’t take.
“I respect you and won’t harm you,” she told me through my brother, “but I don’t love you.”
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Nightmare-Inducing Russian Playgrounds

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That ladder-slide wins

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Culver City in Southern California Reduces the Height of Parking Regulation Signs After They Top Out at 15 Feet

So big that you’d get a ticket for parking while trying to understand if you can actually park there.

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